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Best couple chat app

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From to-do lists to banking to online shopping, utilizing apps improves and streamlines certain areas of our lives. These relationship-building, game, marriage counseling, intimacy, finance, organization, and exercise tracking apps free and paid for married couples are the best ones for Ryan and I decided to do what we do best: research and study the best apps out there for married couples to improve our relationship. We tell you which apps for married couples are worth it, and which ones you should skip.

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Elena is a passionate blogger who shares about lifestyle tips on Lifehack.

Long distance touch apps

Read full profile. When you love someone, you want to be as connected to them as possible, espeacially in times when you are set miles apart for some reason.

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These 15 cool and sweet apps for couples will help you deal with various aspects of your relationship — from getting to know each other even better to settling fights and learning to be a better partner. Simply Us. A fun little app set to do a great work — it organizes your life together. If you and your partner often get into silly situations of meeting at the wrong place, double booking the same movies or just buying two packs of milk, Simply Us would be your lifesaver! It allows to create private to-do lists, grocery lists and even small projects, exchange photos and text, plus have a special calendar sync between the two of you to always stay aware when who is up to what.


A beautifully deed social network for only the two of you, Couple promises to make your memories last forever! The app allows you to make phone calls or facetime, exchange texts, express your mood and feelings with video, audio, doodles, cute stickers and even private photos which you can set to disappear within a certain time.

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On top, you can set notifications on a shared calendar and exchange to-do lists. The app is an incredibly sexy way to stay constantly connected and keep all your memories live on a shared timeline both for couples in long-distance relationships and those living in the same city. An app focused on creating more meaningful talks and understanding your SO better. TheIceBreak entails a list of questions to either exchange answers in private or ask and answer anonymously within the community.

Communication apps

Now, being active with cracking icebreakers literary pays off. Just mail you recipient afterwards and get a cash back from the company in return. How cool is that? So you just moved to a new town and finally decided to have your first night out to celebrate the new beginnings in this cool new venue just a few blocks away. Sounds familiar? It kind of happens to my SO and me a lot, especially since we moved to another country and bhave een traveling extensively for the last few years.

Create your gorgeously styled intimate space where you can exchange and store photos, voice messages, cute stickers and animated emoticons.

1. simply us

The app reached 1 million downlo just within a year after launching and as the CEO Park implies: the app is highly addictive. Current users spend minutes a month on average building more meaningful experiential context that cherishes more intimacy with your beloved. Another stylish-looking messaging app deed for couples by the How About We dating website.

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Besides, the app knows when both of you are together in real life and adjusts the interface respectively. Are you so bad at making gifts and feel like you gonna fail again with something your partner would actually love for the anniversary.

Or do you merely want to make their day brighter with a lovely care package when you are apart? Sesame app from Sincerely allows you to send charming themed gift boxes right on the go with a few clicks! Spice up your relationships by playing a game of naughty truth or dares with this app. So you got into a row?

Best chatting apps for couples -

The Fix a Fight app suggests you proven best couple chat app to make-up and goes even beyond by giving advice on how to better express your feelings and initiate discussions about things that bother you without getting into a fight at the first place. Additionally, the app includes a list of self-soothing and relaxation exercises for both of you to calm done. All the advice is provided by Mark McGonigle — a leading psychotherapist and couple consultant from Kansas city. If you plan to stay in and amaze your boo with a fab romantic dinner, Foodie definitely has the most comprehensive list of recipes, organized in neat collections.

From simple, yet yummy last-minute ideas to gastronomical masterpieces that would require some skills and plenty of time. If you fail, the app will tell what cool new restaurants you can dine out at instead. Launched in by a couple of dating ex-Googlers awwwAvocado lets you collaborate and communicate easily on the day-to-day stuff. Set up to-do lists and get instant sync on crossed-out items, exchange notes and memos, keep your Google calendars updated and synced, plus add up some fun to your communication with self-made emoticons of your photos.

And send lo of hugs and kisses all the time!

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If you love having endlessly long conversation over the phone, Line app will save you from paying huge bills as it allows ringing up mobiles and landlines free of charge. The app also supports free texting, exchanging amusing strikes and video calls. It particularly comes handy when one of you is traveling.

LokLok app replaces your standard lock screen with a new one where you can go all creative.

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If you are synced, your message instantly displays on their screen. Android free Advertising. Do you remember days when walkie-talkies were popular? HeyTell works on a similar principle. Push the button, record your message and have it delivered to your contact. An excellent app for super busy couples who still prefer to hear a familiar voice instead of reading plane text, and frequent travelers!

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Do you still find sending smalls things by snail mail extremely romantic? The Postragram app will turn one of your pictures from your device into a beautiful glossy postcard and have it sent for you at any location in the US, Canada and Europe with just a few clicks. It will get delivered within 5 to 10 business days for 99c around the US and 1.

One of the greatest apps to be launched soon for couples in long-distance relationships! The Feel Me app turns plain old texting into a touching experience. When on, you can see a small red dot at the place where your partner fingers are currently touching the screen while composing a text.


When yours and your sweetheart fingers press the screen in the same place, a pleasant vibration occurs. Marco Triverio, the app developer from Copenhagen, says that the app introduces a new way of emotional connection, the closest one you can get to actual touching when being apart. Get notified on the release by subscribing to update! Chief of Product Management at Lifehack Read full profile.

Quarantine has made couples inevitably feel like they're in a long-distance. so, here is a list of some of the best chatting apps for couples.

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Best apps for married couples

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Couple relationship tracker

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