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The Marketing and Finance Podcast is a minute radio show you download. One or two big ideas that you can apply to your business.

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Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First 13 of Go to. ed Nov 11, Materials apart clearly Silicone being superior to plastic Hybrid is a step ahead.

These are just 3 small pointers Let the tests begin!! ed Apr 29, ed Jul 6, True, but let's compare apples to apples here, say you're not using the reducer and you are using a flowstack like myself. Using an IAT sensor in the S2 without the reducer and flashpro would essentially be the same.

So we are really comparing materials and bends at this point. ed May 25, Polaren said:. ed May 21, Wrong thread I know but I'm asking around on the subject and it seems to be the topic in here right now. But with the Skunk2 what will need to be done in order to not run the MAF sensor reducer? They say for other engine management systems that MAF delete section is included, but what will be required in order to use that section?

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I believe this Hybrid will be more superior than the Skunk2 as well. But I don't think it's going to be anything drastic.

Maybe a handful of horsies but nothing that's going to be like wow what a massive difference. Both are great quality products in their own way and top of the totem pole when it comes to CAI for these cars.

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Right after that was a Bigger filter with 6" V-Stack!! Now, we have been presented with a True 3. At this point I am just a very happy man for not to have bought the Skunk2, not because its a bad intake, but because I believe something better was just presented to us.

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Only time and testing will actually tell of it is really superior or not, but at this point, I believe it is. ed May 10, Are you guys smoking crack?

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The skunk2 intake comes with a coupler to completely delete the maf sensor. It gives you both options out of the box. ed Mar 17, ed Jun 10, To answer the guys question about the bypass valve working and not working, it's going to take a pressure differential to "activate" the bypass valve.

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The way it works is the filter is the lowest restriction on the intake, so while the bypass valve might suck a little air right as you floor it, it will stop after that. What happens is when the filter is submerged or wet the pressure goes up and it starts to function and suck air in at the bypass location. ed Mar 23, If there's any heatsoak my iat's haven't shown it.

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Last night it was 66 degrees and my iat's were 69 at the end of my 3rd gear pull, at the start they were ed Nov 19, Guys, We're gearing up for some pre-release dyno comparisons. time spent on the dyno has been with adjustable prototypes that helped us generate the production version. During the first week ofwe'll be dynoing the production unit against other intakes.

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We are going to make an offer to people willing to let us borrow their CAI. Here's how it would work: You PM me to let me know what intake you're offering to let us borrow If we have not already acquired that intake, I will give you the go ahead to ship it to us. We must receive the intake by Dec 21st at latest for you to be eligible for the discount. Every intake that goes on a car will receive tuning time from the same tuner. Each intake will be given approximately the same amount of tuning time to make sure the comparison is as fair as possible. We'll be warming up all cars before each pull to make sure there aren't any unfair advantages.

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All pulls will be done on the same day and will receive compensation for ambient weather conditions. All pulls will be performed with the hood down if possible. PM me if you have an intake that is not on the list that you're interested in sending in. S2 made it so people can run without a flashpro if needed, which fits the requirements.

Albeit they should create a 3.

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I personally dislike silicone material used, too many bad experiences with it on other cars. I don't think it will be better, and I'd love to see tests but nobody really seems to do them even after the product is released. I know they are not the first to do a 3.

Was just comparing the two intakes we were talking about. What bad experiences have you had with Silicone? After talking to them and getting a Reenforced version, were completely diferent. And the hybrid also has both options out of the box if we go that route, as you can also run both calibration types ed Apr 16, It will only work with a MAP calibration. This intake cannot be used without an aftermarket tuning solution that allows the use of a MAP calibration.

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