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Translations are based on furry slang, furry memes, and generic furry roleplay, as well as turning words into furry puns.

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Years old: 25
Available to: I love male
Color of my eyes: Soft gray-green eyes
My figure type: My body features is quite plump
I like to drink: Mulled wine
Smoker: Yes

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If you have family or friends who want to know more about your hobby, share this to help them understand. Anthropomorphic: Mixing animals with human characteristics. Furry : Anthropomorphic media and its fans.

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They often but not always role-play an animal character. A reptile one is a Scaly. The fandom : Furry subculture. Fursuit: The costume that brings a fursona to life, and can fulfill a wish to transform. Furmeets and Cons Conventions : Organized gatherings that include fursuiting, art, creative writing, parties and more. Cons are usually held at hotels once a year.

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Meets can be casual and regular and held at houses, public social places, or special ones in the woods. Weres AKA Therians take a fursona literally.

Otherkin feel like a different species or entity in their body. Bronies are adults who love My Little Pony. Planties are the anthro-botanical fandom. Steve, founder of the first Smoothie bar.

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Con Crud : A rare itchy fungus harbored in fursuits. Cons bring vets to help everyone get vaccinated.

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Huggles are so enthusiastic that you fall over. Cuddles continue for a while. Breaking the Magic: A taboo act with a fursona. It can happen by talking out of character at the wrong time, or if a costume comes off among fleshies, or if you ignore their furry name and call them by their Steve name.

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It used to mean when a cat and a dog do things together against their species, but the fandom has evolved and looks down on racism now. Fursuit Crush: A fursuiter who gives you butterflies. Furpile: Group cuddles, not necessarily for yiffing. Fursecution: Prejudice against furries by Steves.

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Furfag: An outspokenly flamboyant furry who delights in ogling tails and fursuit crushes, and will marf and scritch without shame or breaking the magic. FurFu: Martial art developed for fursuiters and for combating fursecution. You can find online music videos of synchronized dancing by skilled FurFu artists. There have been controversial incidents of fursecution at cons that led to Steves getting swarmed, taken down and furpiled. However no furry has been arrested, due to the targets reporting a pleasant experience and refusing to press charges. Popufur: A popular furry, or a bad word for ones who appear arrogant and only loved for their suits.

Many cons have panels about how to end these problems. Confuzzled: Furries speak of a well known tendency for new, curious members to enter the fandom with very conservative sexuality, then over time shift from straight to very open and bisexual or gay for furries. Squizzled: Squeakers are popular fursona enhancements.


They should be used carefully. Overuse is incredibly annoying. Inexperienced users tend to wander around cons sounding like field mice on crack, leaving a trail of snarls and tinnitus. Toony and feral: Animal features can be realistic, but the more caricatured they are, the more toony.

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Most furries have two legs, but ferals have four. Musclefurs vs. Fluffers: Some fursonas show highly exaggerated muscle tone. A classic fluffer icon is Rabbit from Winnie The Pooh.

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Some preferences. Fox art by Demi-Beast. Plushophiles collect them, and get huge respect from ebay sellers for doing astonishing bidding wars. Scat: A style of jazz singing, used by furries to talk among Steves without giving away secrets or breaking the magic. Vore and Rooting: Vore is an interest in being consumed or inserted in orifices of a macro character. Rooting is mainly seen in art where a character like a snake goes in one hole and out another, often at the same time. A typical reaction when they find out is delight or humor rather than shock or outrage. Cuckoo Play is another word for this interest.

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A Cuckoo Play party is when a whole group of furries switch suits at the same time. And sometimes weaseling can mean posting from someone elses or just telling ridiculous stories. Like our Otter Satan testicle clamp initiations. Just keep it to the regular stuff. What happens if 2 or more furry in the fandom have the same name for there fur suit but different de. What is furry called? My tween wants to dress up and I want it to be obvious she is. Keep an eye out for them and they can have lots of fun safely.

Hello, I recently ed the fandom. Because of this. I now know what they mean.

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Discord’s lax policy on furry ‘cub content’ le to user outcry

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