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Gor is simply a compilation of stories, written by a man of Earth, a professor of philosophy, under the pen name of John Norman. Having never come face to face with a kaiila, or a bosk or a tharlarion before, it is hard for me to imagine a "true" Gor.

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The new database has been set up for the Sardar Fairs Committee. This new tool will allow Goreans to up their homes the same way we used to on Yahoo Groups. At this point only the homes that are part of the Sardar Fairs Committee as they were on Yahoo Groups are ed up, to show you how the list will look.

Tal Men Tal Ladies greetings slaves. Information concerning can be found at the Fair Ground. The Sardar Fairs team and the Gorean Palaces team are working together to provide interim, if not permanent solutions to the closure of Yahoo Groups. Much of the capabilities of Yahoo Groups can — as time permits and capabilities allow — be replicated.

The first effort is to lay out the agenda. The next effort is to move the effort forward make it easy for people to post to the blog. We added that capability to all Gorean Gor chat Blog users this week. It may be less than perfect at first; but, we are committed to make it simple again.

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The work to give Gorean Palaces a facelift is ongoing and picking up steam. A small group of very dedicated people, Joss, Dvorak, Fire-Deer, Taka, kajyn and jaz have been creating a great deal of backgrounds, and very targeted wording for the website. Building a website is much like building a house.

There are times when it appears to go slowly; for example, when they are building the foundation and the basement. Then it slows down again.

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The fast part was showing everyone the general layout of the site. Then everyone started to notice improvements. So that was quick. Then it slowed down. Building the template takes time.

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It has to be flexible, and it all has to look like it fits together. Then it slowed down some more. Building the menu structure that ties it all together. Two steps forward, one and a half steps backwards. Try again. Repeat till nearly insane. I did say nearly, right? Want to take a look at the latest version of the pre-prototype? Click on this link. There is a full list of events to keep all on their toes tonight. There was much talk and wagering over who would win! Moi won by a landslide, but there was a tense moment for sure when Master of Bazi started to mak a comeback.

So many bets were on the gor chat that it took an ehn or two to settle up all the bets.

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These were the tieingst 2 Masters ever! However, Master of TRH finally got on a roll and was victorious! The next battle happened between Mistress of Bazi and the Mistress in the lovely purple robe. After a fierce battle, the end result was Mistress in Purple having the funds to buy a new robe! Thinks one of Them was hoping to redeem Himself from an earlier lost. However, the stones were not kind to Bazi again, and Master of SD walked away with a win. What another wonderful night at the Fairs it was!

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Tomorrow, we have more fun to look forward to. First, warm up your nighttime beverages and settle in for a Story Telling session from 7 to 8pm, hosted by 3PG. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to get up and exercise at the Bazi Boat Races from 8 -9 pm. If Yahtzee is your cup of Bazi Tea, you better get to rolling; first place is over points!!!! Be sure to stop by and enjoy this holiday favorite before time is up!

Once again it is i the good slave sura of Steel Dawn reporting the happenings of the Fair. Tonight was the Fireside Reading of Gor chat of Gor hosted by Steel Dawn it was an interesting and lively discussion that i hope everyone enjoyed.

Game of Bones sura is not sure what will happen but is sure it will be full of fun, surprises and rocks. Master of WW is still holding on to the top spot in the Yahtzee Tournament that runs the duration of the fairs.

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There is still time to snag it from Him. As sura wanders the fairgrounds looking for the best chocolate booth as well as certain sleigh for Head Mistress i see lots enjoying the Builders Enclave Winter Tour that runs all week. Many are trying their hand at grabbing the top spot of the week long Yahtzee Tournament. The Merchants and buyers alike are filling the grounds eager to buy and sell before settling back in their Homes for the winter. I am not sure how that is possible but perhaps the Merchant Castes are in a giving mood this Fairs.

Now if only gor chat rumor could start about baked goods…. Also just as an FYI there was some talk of presents, now this is one rumor I can certainly get behind. There is a certain sleigh full of new furs that I gor chat to beat Siimone to! The Yahtzee tournament is on with a top score of by Joss of WW, so all are encouraged to grab some dice and get your name on the board, there are plenty of spots left to fill. Please note that the quizzes, games, and information are continually updated for your entertainment.

The Winter Masquerade Ball is on Friday, so find your best costume and come prepared for fun.

A true gor?

To turn it off type music off but you must type music on for it to work again in any room. Last night was a great time starting off with Know Your Gor, where the presenting Free Men gave both time and knowledge to see that we all continue learning our world in an enjoyable way. Thank you for all the hard work, everyone came away with something new.

The evening finished out with a delightful round of The Slave Ring, where all of the girls danced with every bit of their dedication.

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Way to go girls for showing the courage and dedication to dance on the spot for the delight of the Free. Keeping it real! These discussions always bring insight to both our palace gor experience as well as individual outlooks on gorean life. This promises to be an action packed event. Please us to share thoughts, laughter and snow at the foot of the mountains as we celebrate another fun filled night at Fairs!

Good morning Fair goers.

Gordon dadds share discussion thre

Another day has come and gone amidst much devilry errr…revelry. Old friendships revived and new ones started as much paga flowed about the camp fire while stories upon stories were told. A lot of insight was given. Alot of questions were asked and many impromptu dances took place.

Shortly thereafter aisha narrowly escaped with her life as the slave ring building collapsed around her. While some folks were horrified, others attempted to take advantage of the situation.

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Looking towards my Jarl, kajyn saw his face light up as He saw more rocks to be had. There will be a live DJ. Please plan to come masked. The theme is A Winter Wonder Gorland.

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Enjoy the day!! Slaves may only enter with the permission of their owner. Each person may enter one item in as many of the as he or she wishes. All submissions must fit the theme of the category into which they entered therefore the same item cannot be submitted into multiple.

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All entries must be original — crafted by the person submitting it.