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The extract from the Land Registry below is in the public domain and looks like a huge misunderstanding to me. I am sure there is a perfectly innocent explanation for all of this. I merely report the facts.

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Yesterday at 9. I have not been able to speak to Aidan so just lift from his own blog his of other events which I do without comment other than to say that I feel genuinely sorry for his wife and kids as it cannot have been pleasant at all.

Over to Aidan Moreover since the company had massive asset backing I should be hung drawn and quartered. Well sorry to break the news to you chaps but the Liquidator has published his first report. The news ain't good We had been expecting trading to start within days but Allan Biggar, the chairman of Whetstone, has posted the bad news.

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Mr Biggar writes:. Juicin Drumroll is going to accuse me of going easy on Aidan Early because he submitted a bunch of very funny moronic comments about the Worthington Newco yet he still didn't win. It's a clear win for a bulletin board moron this week.

Worthington group plc (wrn)

The stupidest thing that I have read all month and I have looked at Nadine Dorries blog this month. At last I hear you cry. It is finally here after months of foreplay - the new Newco website. On his blog, Aidan Earley recently denied that Newco is Flagship Global Corp, which I always thought was the most likely contender for Newco, and it may be that he is telling the truth.

However, having now gained access to the pre-launch Flagship Global website, it looks incredibly likely that it is Newco or, perhaps more accurately, that it was going to be at one point.

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Take a look. But the clear winner was prolific LSE moron Fonters, submitted by Juicin Drumroll who seems to think that those who shorted Worthington shares will find its liquidation a bad thing:. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.

Share price

Further to my piece HEREAidan Earley has updated his blog this week setting out progress on the launch of Newco and the issuance of share certificates to the Worthington shareholders. To be honest, I admire his tenacity and efforts here as it appears to be quite a tortuous route and sometimes I wonder whether it would be easier to defeat the Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Well, not much comedy gold to mine this week but Aidan Earley does appear to have kept to his side of the bargain and it would be churlish for me to ignore it.

Yesterday he updated the long-suffering shareholders of Worthington WRN on the distribution of shares in Newco. A few questions remain; nevertheless, after about two and a half years of one delay after delay, any half positive move in the right direction should be applauded.

As our research team looks at the 52 UK companies where he has been involved since starting his career in Yesterday I asked the Insolvency service to open a formal enquiry into whether Mr Aidan Earley was acting as a shadow director of Worthington WRN at a time when he was barred as acting as a director. If Aidan is guilty he faces up to two years in jail and could be on the hook for Worthington's liabilities including its vast pension fund deficit when it went bust.

Time to put the Surrey mansion on the market? For I now have a killer which I have forwarded on to the insolvency service as you can see below. Aidan Earley will serve me later today with a libel suit. Very decently - and I mean worthington group chat - he ed me an advance copy last night.

He has put it up on his website and I link to it below. I draw your attention to 3 oooh er missus. If you are barred from acting as a director but defy that bar by acting as a shadow director doing the job without the title you can face up to two years in jail and be personally liable for the liabilities of the victim company if it goes bust.

Worthington WRN has gone bust and I have today formally requested that the Government's insolvency service which investigates such matters launch a formal enquiry into whether Mr Earley breached his order. A tougher second puzzle for the day.

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Yesterday I accused Aidan Earley of being an undischarged bankrupton the basis of two conversations with the administrator of that bankruptcy, the firm of Kingston Smith. My Earley denied that this was the case and I apologise.

I was misinformed.

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Mr Earley is in fact a twice discharged bankrupt. Aidan I am sorry. If I make a factual error I always apologise and run a correction. On 10th January the convicted felon, serial liar, bankrupt and man banned from being a company director after the Wood Hall fiascoMr Aidan Earley instructed his lawyer to write a menacing missive to me at the wrong address. Today I have replied. My letter, sent just now, and the letter sent by Earley's lawyer are below.

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This gets more surreal by the day. He is rapidly getting up to speed and will be speaking to "other agencies" about what went on. A full worthington group chat explaining why the company went bust will be produced and it will be naming the director and shadow directors if they are found wanting.

Indeed it may be used as supporting evidence if and when other agencies pursue this matter. The bad news Convicted criminal, multiple bankrupt and barred company director Aidan Earley claims I brought the firm of Worthington WRN - of which he was a shadow director and which is now in liquidation - to its knees. But here is an odd factoid the criminal pea-brained shithead, who is now the pin up boy of Cloudtag moronsignores. Honestly you could not make this up. He won't believe his luck in finding folks who are so stupid. The insurance policy ADVFN has is standard for Bulletin Boards and means that it is almost certain to remove the posts even though it knows that they are not defamatory in any way shape or form.

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So much for free speech in the UK. Oh dear, Oh dear. The end is not only nigh it has arrived for the fraud Worthington WRN. On 19 December it appealed against the Court Order putting it into liquidation. The case was held at what convicted criminal Aidan must regard as his home from home, the High Court.

So in honour of the libeller of the week The fraud Worthington WRN where ex prisoner Aidan Earley has now exposed himself as a shadow director, went into liquidation on November I talked to the FCA last week. And on the second day in the town of Banstead in the province of Norfolk, Jesus led his disciples into the Temple. And the money changers in the Temple were filled with a great fear, having heard tidings from the shepherds that Jesus had driven their trade from the Temple in Jerusalem.

Lo and it came to pass that Worthington group chat and his followers were travelling in the land known as Norfolk to the small town of Banstead. And as they entered the town they encountered a man who told all that he was of great faith. Yesterday, in the late afteroon, Worthington WRN promoter Aiden Earley ed to say that as a result of a bearcast of 4 December he was taking legal action against me.

Having relistened to that bearcast HERE he was talking cock. But that was just a pretence, for earlier that day Earley had launched a fantastic website threatening to destroy me which has delighted Bulletin Board morons who invest in frauds. Here are some of the cracking tweets I have received:.

How to protect yourself

This is beyond satire. Worthington is still there. Worthington as in the company where an administrator has now been appointed and a first gazette published? Yes that is the one. But it gets better. Oh dear, oh dear.

For five days a week you will get

Those Worthington WRN shareholders who were dreaming of buying a mansion in Monaco with their golden tickets might wish to brace themselves for bad news. On the terraces at Banstead Athletic the chant is already starting " you're going down with Golden Saint, you're going down with Golden Saint " Nuff said. How did the rest of the team get on!?

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Oh dear, oh dear, this really does look like it is game over for old mother Worthington WRN. I am surprised that the company has not put out an RNS to keep its loyal investors informed but there is bad news in Greenland. In the aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed world of Doug Ware and Aiden Earley this was meant to be good news. But at 9. Don't tell the bulletin board morons on the LSE Asylum but the house of cards that is the fraud Worthington WRN is now collapsing faster than you can say "golden ticket".

Already facing personal bankruptcy proceedings as we revealed here, disgraced Allan Biggar now faces the loss of his marital home as we can reveal today.

In to yttv

Prompted by our shock revelations yesterday Worthington WRN has been forced to put out a statement to explain why it itself is heading for a CVA. It really is comedy worthington group chat. Oh dear. More on the woes of the fraud Worthington WRN later as it he for a winding up order. The problem with frauds, as with socialists, is that - to quote our greatest ever Prime Minister, the blessed Margaret, eventually they run out of other people's money. If you are someone who thinks that playing by the rules and being honest makes sense in the UK reguolatory environment think again.

Unsurprisingly, but still disappointingly, none of the squad is fit to even tie the shoelaces of Robbie Savage let alone play in the Premier League, but will the FCA do anything about it? At what stage do you think that the folk who bought into the Worthington WRN fraud will accept that they have lost everything?

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I reckon even after it has gone into administration some folks will still think they own a golden ticket. But the winner? Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner of the last contest of two weeks ago.